More Reasons to try Electronic Cigarettes

It is still funny whenever I am smoking my electronic cigarette.  When I am vaping, someone will usually come up to be and ask “what are you smoking” or “are you smoking right now?!”  Electronic cigarettes is still a newer business but it is really kicking in higher gear.  I am still pleasantly surprised whenever someone asks what vaping is and how much it costs, etc.

The best way I describe vaping to someone is by saying, “it is smoking without the smoke!”  Electronic cigarettes does not leave the smokey smell on one’s hand, hair, or clothes.  It is usually a cigarette shaped or tanker (liquid) based object that delivers the same punch as a cigarette.  However, it is much safer and cheaper in the long run.

For example, a traditional cigarette contains hundreds of chemicals (stuff we cannot spell or pronounce)  and smelling like an ashtray.  Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, does not have hundreds of chemicals and only releases water vapor into the air.  This does not product secondhand smoke, not irritating others.  Another benefit of vaping is flavor selection!  Since you can switch out the cartridge, you can swap it out for menthol, traditional, light, fruit, coffee, or any other flavor you can imagine!

Thus, the benefits of electronic cigarettes is greater than traditional cigarettes.  They are easily replaceable and better for the environment.  You can enjoy it in public places without annoying others.  Give it a try; there is nothing really to lose.  There are disposable types for around $10.  If you do not like it, revert back.  If you like it, I recommend buying a starter pack, as it comes with a rechargeable battery and cartridges.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic-Cigarettes are a great way to quit smoking and have been very effective for people even just wanting to cut back. But that is just one benefit while there are many more reasons to grab an electronic-cigarette over that next pack. Just think of all the advantages they provide beyond just helping you be able to quit.

The best reason to grab and e-cig is the they are a healthier option that smoking tobacco cigarettes. The water vapor does not fill your lungs with tars and carcinogens so you will start breathing better after just a few days. You will also notice you may feel more rested and sleep deeper once you get rid of that smokers cough. Since I completely switched I notice I did not wake up with a dry throat of congested either.

Since they are electronic and there is no burning you get no odor and not ash. Smokers houses are generally dusty from all the ask and their clothes and hair tend to smell like smoke. Your breath will also not smell like stale smoke and you will just feel like a cleaner person. Your car and house will also be cleaner which contributes to better breathing and less congestion.

You also get to keep “smoking” and get rid of all the negative parts of smoking cigarettes. It may be just water vapor that you are “smoking” but it looks and feels like the real thing. So it is pretty much a win win scenario if you are not ready to quit “smoking” but want to quit smoking cigarettes and improve your health.

Refillable Electronic Cigarettes

What are refillable electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, also called personal vaporizers or PVs,  are nicotine inhalation devices that don’t work by igniting tobacco leaves. Instead, nicotine is added to propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, mixed with flavors including anything from tobacco flavor, fruits or other flavors and the resulting juice is heated by running electricity through a coil of low-resistance wire. E-cigs consist of several parts. There are batteries and things called cartomizers are attys that connect to the batteries and hold the e-liquid which in most cases can be refilled with other kinds of e liquid.

Electronic Cigarettes are a great way to avoid the harmful smoke from regular cigarettes and still get the nicotine you need without annoying the non smoking people around you.